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Having a crisis plan for your business, with Annette Densham

November 2, 2020

Having a crisis plan for your business, with Annette Densham

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Meet Annette:

With a gypsy as a mother, Annette sought refuge in stories. By the time she was 17 she’d lived in 96 houses.  The books in the library became her best friends and she immersed herself in tales of courageous heroes, incredible adventures and seeking knowledge about the world.

It was no surprise when she chose to go into journalism, the perfect career for her inquisitive and curious mind.  After decades of writing from major print publications and online magazines on topics from business and computers to seniors’ issues and forklifts, she moved into corporate comms. Here she honed my storytelling skills, weaving words that moved people to tears, to give generously to worthy causes and to educate, empower and inspire.

Faced with the loss of her cushy corporate role in a ‘financial restructure’; she ventured out into entrepreneur land, eager to use her 30 plus years in media to help people in small business. Working in public relations, she found a passion helping equip, educate and encourage businesses to use their stories to promote what they do across multiple channels...and she won a few awards along the way for the impact she’s had.

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