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Living your purpose, a masterclass on connecting with your intuition, with Sunil Godse

May 10, 2021

Living your purpose, a masterclass on connecting with your intuition, with Sunil Godse

“It was very, very clear even in my life,  that the difference between my success and my failure was in who I listened to, who I surrounded myself with.”

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Meet Sunil Godse:

After making a series of bad decisions, with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to show you how your intuition is able to leave behind relationships that hold you back in under 14 seconds so that you are able to surround yourself with those who give you the self-confidence to make the decisions that lead to success in every area of your life.

Sunil is an author, and a ted talk speaker and he is joining me today to talk about developing your intuition and moving through the dark night of the soul.

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Meet your host:

Lauren Tuck is the owner/operator of Rah Rah Consulting and the Rah Rah Spirit Team Mentorship and the creator of the Task Reduction System, learn to reduce your work hours by half, without playing catch-up on the weekend.

She is the host of The Rah Rah Podcast, The Afterlight Podcast and co-host of the Business in the Front, Party in the Back Podcast.

Lauren has over 15 + years experience in marketing, sales, event production, online and media. She teaches small and medium-sized businesses and service providers, strategies for building a successful and stress-free business and life (because you are more than your business)!

Lauren specializes in Time Management, Content Creation and Mindset work. She is a course creator, a workshop facilitator and a business and life mentor. 

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